Success Players Sports Betting Plan

Success Players Sports Betting Plan

My personal opinion is that psychology is one of the most important aspects of success in the betting business. Unfortunately, most betting players do not pay enough attention to it, and in the long run, it seems to me, for this reason, 90% of the players lose.

In order to be a good expert on bets, you need to have quite a lot of skills and knowledge. The most famous of them is technical and fundamental analysis, by which I understand the ability to understand the course of the game of each team and each player, the ability to predict the possible behavior of the team during the game, to know about the injuries of players and their suspension, the internal problems of the team and financial problems of the club, etc.

In addition, it is very important to understand and use some very important data of the statistics of fundamental analysis, such as a measure of the central tendency (meaning calculation, fluctuations, median, etc.) or a characteristic of variability (amplitude, variability, permissible deviations, etc. .) – all these are the most important components of the success of any player on bets.

However, you should be aware that none of these skills and knowledge is of great importance in the absence of the correct psychology and ability to control your emotions and actions.

Most betting players make stupid mistakes and lose large sums of money due to a lack of discipline, which is vital in controlling the emotional state of any person.

If you want to deal with bookmakers, you must have absolute knowledge of how to deal with your emotions. If you cannot do this, you will most likely soon be left without money.

There are many books and articles on how to prepare your mind correctly, and all of these materials have one common idea; you need to have a plan or strategy.

Obviously, you must be absolutely sure of your methods, and only then can you apply them. I mean, you can’t cast aside doubts if you don’t know and understand what your actions entail. And if you once doubted the correctness of your methods, you are in very big trouble.

It doesn’t matter what problems and losses you have overcome, you should not doubt for a second about the methods that you have studied and chosen for yourself. Trying to dramatically change them, you only increase your chances of losing.

Therefore, the first step that you must take if you decide to bet is to create your own plan or system with a positive expectation in terms of mathematics. If you do not have a good plan, do yourself a good service, and refuse to bet in general. I’m sure. you heard the phrase: “If you do not plan, then you plan to lose!”. I absolutely agree with that.

I’m sure you ask how to create a betting plan?
Well, I can’t give you an answer, because, obviously, each plan depends on the sport that you like, and each sport has its own components that must be taken into account when creating the plan. But there are some points that are equally important for any plan – cash management.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can bet all year round, whether it’s Christmas now or summer vacation.

There are so many different kinds of sports in the world, and they play so many games that you will never be left without bets. For example, rugby – these guys generally play non-stop, two years ago they played on January 1st. When creating your plan, keep in mind that the betting market is always ready to meet you just to make bets.

And if you have decided on your strategy, you have tested it more than once or twice, do not back down from it under any circumstances.

Just a few words about how you can manage your emotions. Of course, you should not sit all day, with your eyes fixed on the laptop monitor, inseparably watching how your bet goes. With a good strategy, you can beat bookmakers without constant stress and unnecessary emotions. Do not try to be smart, making often ridiculous and stupid attempts to stand out in the market, just follow your plan.

Unfortunately, most amateurs have no plan at all, neither bad nor good, they bet based on rumors and gossip. And I can declare with all responsibility that bets based on rumors and gossip are the key to losing.

You simply cannot let your emotions get in your way. Therefore, always strictly adhere to the betting plan. And remember one important thing, for which, in fact, I wrote this article: “Emotions are your worst enemy in the whole world! If you don’t know how to control emotions, you should not bet anymore. ”