Horror betting shops

Horror betting shops

Patrika Vejtcha Patrick Veitch is called the Most Successful Better of Misty Albion. He deserved this title when he was barely 30 years old. Veitch terrifies the representatives of the bookmakers, who are very reluctant to accept his bets.

It is not surprising, because Patrick often wins. The total amount of his winnings on bets over the past 8 years, during which he plays professionally, amounted to about 10 million euros.

How did the professional game begin?
From an early age, Patrick showed mathematical abilities that markedly distinguished him from his peers. When he was 15 years old, he began to study at Trinton, but did not graduate.

Already at that time, he began to put on sports, which shocked his parents, who hoped that his son would get a degree and not become a professional player. However, to reconcile with the choice of Patrick they helped that his passion immediately became profitable. To his 25th birthday, he could afford a luxurious life for his pleasure.

Not without troubles. Bandits began to pester the young player, extorting their part from his income. He was saved from the persecution by the fact that the extortionists were arrested by the police for involvement in another crime.

Since then, Patrick has been discreet, not trusting strangers. Moreover, he even stopped attending the hippodrome, which saved him the pleasure of watching the race on his own. However, he says that television viewing allows you to consider a much larger number of details and nuances that are not available even with the best binoculars.

Relation to sports betting
Patrick Veitch has long gained fame among BC far beyond Britain. For this reason, he uses the services of assistants, whom he calls agents, and coordinates all their actions.

Veitch admits that his assistants greatly contribute to the success of the game, if at the same time they clearly follow the developed instructions without showing their own initiative. Patrick sends them instructions via mobile. All operations are kept in the strictest confidence.

Thus, he manages to circumvent the barriers that pose for professional players bookmakers. He continues to play, constantly increasing the amount of bets. According to him, if he were the owner of BC, he would try to avoid playing with professional players in the same way.

Significant wins
Patrick calls the following the most profitable bets for all the time of the game on bets:

Cerulean Rose. This bet was made in 2003 when he noticed a promising sprinter quickly gaining shape. Having bet 45,000 pounds on him, Veinch won nearly 300,000 pounds.
Exponential In 2004, Patrick applied a very tricky trick. Offering the steed to resort to some trick – to put on horses shores, he inclined public opinion to the fact that in front of them was a novice. The horse did not deceive his expectations and brought more than 200,000 pounds.
Silver touch. According to him, in 2006, thanks to a thorough analysis of the races, he noticed a beautiful horse, which was invincible for a short distance, slowing down when a distance exceeding a mile passed. After convincing her to run the race for a short distance, he won nearly 300,000 pounds.
This player convincingly proved that betting on horses can bring not only pleasure, but also huge profits. Moreover, he himself repeatedly influenced the results of races, resorting to certain tricks and agreements.