Founder of betting companies

Founder of betting companies

William XILL osnovatelWilliam Hill is a name that is widespread among a society of experienced players. He created a company that became an object of active discussion and an example to follow not only for players but also for operators in the field of betting.

The great bookmaker was born on July 16, 1903. William spent his childhood in a city called Birmingham, which was one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom at that time.

Despite the fact that his father was an artist and his mother was engaged in farming, the income of the family was not so high as to provide William with a carefree childhood, because in addition to him, the family had ten more children.

At the age of twelve, still very young William had to leave school and go to earn money from his uncle on the farm to earn his first money. After a couple of years, he already got a job at a local factory.

Starting an independent life, at the age of fifteen he began to organize illegal bets in the field of sports.
But at the age of sixteen, William had to leave the “profession” of the bookmaker due to the fact that he became one of the volunteers of the army, formed to fight for the independence of Ireland.

First bookmaker
William Hill defended the interests of his country for six years, then in 1925 decided to restore the former business of the bookmaker. However, this attempt was doomed to failure due to the fact that the betting players were professionals in their field, their bets were thought out in detail and studied. Thus, William became bankrupt, losing all his savings.

However, William did not leave hope and enthusiasm. The next four years he devoted to the accumulation of new capital, and already in 1929 he moved to London. This is where William’s career takeoff begins. He begins with the organization of bets on ponies, then his bets became larger and larger.

In 1934, William Hill decided to open his first full-fledged illegal gambling establishment.
Thanks to his resourcefulness and prudence, William is able not only to accumulate new capital but also to open his first illegal gaming establishment. Having rented an office on one of the main streets of London, William managed to acquire new customers, and thus reach a completely new stage in his business plan.

The only problem William might have encountered is the illegality of his business. However, thanks to his resourcefulness, he managed to circumvent the law and continue to engage in the gaming business.

The trick of legalizing this business was that William under no circumstances accepted cash bets, he did this only by means of money transfers, or by issuing loans. Thus, the government did not have a single chance to prosecute William.

During this period, the development of the most famous bookmaker called “William Hill” begins.

After some time, William manages to rent larger premises, which certainly brought the office to a much higher level.

In 1944, the first coupon with a fixed coefficient for betting on football matches appeared.
After sixteen years of office existence, a rival company Ladbrokes stole the idea of ​​William. Without thinking twice, Hill sued the competitors. The case was won, as a result of which a considerable amount was added to William’s capital.

Features William Hill
Today, William Hill is a leading betting company not only in England but also in the global market. One of the secrets of the company’s success is honesty in front of its customers. In the middle of the twentieth century, when most bookmakers did not pay their winnings to their customers, William’s company always made its payments on time, it was the invariable principle of the company.

William Hill always paid players honestly, and this principle is one of the most significant.

In his practice, there was a case when a bet of five hundred pounds was accepted for a very young stallion. The odds were 101. Miraculously, the stallion came to the finish line first, and William paid the player the full amount of the win. William cherished his customers, and always acted honestly towards them.

In the 54th year of the twentieth century, William created a new company called “Holder’s Investment Trust.” Having transferred all his shares to a new company, William managed to trade on the London Stock Exchange. For six years of trading on the stock exchange, the company’s capital has replenished by 5 million pounds. This was the first bookmaker in world history to be able to sell securities on the stock exchange.

Legalization of betting
Until the sixties of the twentieth century, gambling was not legal in the United Kingdom. However, in 1960 a law was passed that announced gambling transactions with an absolutely legal type of business.

About ten thousand faculty and a thousand casinos appeared throughout the country within 6 months.
William HillCasino and gaming offices began to grow rapidly